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What Level of Ski or Snowboard Am I?

Our private lessons mean that what ever level you are, we can build a lesson for you, tailoring it to your exact needs. When you are booking  a lesson it can help us to plan more effectively if you can identify your level using the guidance below.

Level 1


This is my first time. I have never put skis on before either on snow or on a dry slope. I might have tried before but had no formal lessons.


This is my first time. I might have tried before but had no formal lessons.

Level 2


I have tried skiing before, on snow or on a dry slope. I understand what a "snowplough" is and  have started to snowplough turn on the nursery  or green slopes. 


I can side slip in control on both my heel and toe edge. I can slow down and speed up and change direction whilst doing this.

Level 3


I can make a series of linked snowplough turns on a green or blue run. I start my turn in a plough then finish the turn with my skis becoming more parallel.


I can turn heelside to toeside and toeside to heelside on easy terrain such as a green run, snowdome, or dryslope. I can use the button lift. 

Level 4


I am comfortable skiing on blue runs, my skis are becoming more parallel but still use a small plough to start my turns. When things get tricky I may revert back to snowploughing and I feel less confident. I want to perfect my pole plant.


I can ride and turn on blue runs. On green runs I can link my turns and carry my speed from one turn to the next.

Level 5


I am a competent parallel skier and can ski red runs in good conditions with a well cordinated pole plant. I want to learn how to adapt or broaden my technique when things get tricky ie on bumpy or steep slopes or when the snow is icy or deep. 


I am happy riding on red runs. I can ride fast on easy slopes. I can make basic switch turns on easy slopes.

Level 6


I am an advanced parallel skier that can ski the whole mountain but my technique suffers when things get tricky ie on steeps and bumps


 I can ride on all levels of run, picking my own line. On easier runs I can grip and carve. I want to learn more freestyle techniques

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